Saturday, March 12, 2011

Exciting News!!

March is definitely coming in like a lion around Cold, wet,
a little snowy and icy.....and wow....with ROARIN' CRAFTING NEWS!!

First, as you see above, I've been given a "Stylish Blogger Award"
fun is that!! A big THANK YOU to Jackie at the "ScrappyKnitters" blog!
You can find her HERE....make sure to check her's a fun blog, too!!

And to "accept" my award, I need to "pass it on".......

Rule #1: I link back to the person who gave me this awesome award
(as I did above!)

Rule #2: I share 7 random things about myself:
1. I am a Tim Holtz addict
2. I love the show "True Blood"
3. I love to play the drums on "Band Hero" on the Wii
4. I love to bowl and have a 160+ average
5. I am a pharmacist
6. My favorite movie of all time is Jaws
7. I am hopelessly addicted to Lindt truffles
(Wow, can you get more "random" than

Rule #3: I award 7 newly discovered bloggers with this award
so go check out.....
7. www.

They are all awesome!!! And now I have to add.....a few of the gals on
the list above.....are some of my newest "sisters in crafting".....we have
become part of the new Hannah's Crafts design team!! Wow, I can't tell
you how excited I am! One fun and talented group! Check out the Hannah's
blog HERE, and if you are in WI or IL or just crusin' by Antioch,'ve
gotta check Hannah's out.....they have an AWESOME selection of scrappy,
crafty, goodness, and even gorgeous home dec, floral, and yes, my new
addiction......Pandora bracelets!!

So whew.....I don't know how much more crafting awesome goodness, I can
pack into one blog I'd better stop right here! Watch for some fun
new cards and projects next week!!


  1. Thanks Laura, lot's of new blogs to check out!!

  2. Thank you Laura.. I wasn't on line for a few days.. but I'll get to this sometime today! Have a crafty day, Kimberly