Saturday, January 28, 2017

New Year....New Crafting!

New Year, new beginnings, right?  I always have so many things I'd like to do....but don't like the whole "resolutions" thing.  Too much pressure?  I don't know....but I do like to push myself every year to improve. 

I've recently had the dubious honor of living with an auto-immune disease.  A huge part of treatment is healthy, clean eating, and after a year of doing amazing...last year I slipped a bit and by the end of the year....a lot.  So this year....back to better choices.

I've also decided to start a home detox....not only the products I use....which I've been working on, but also in just clutter.  So much clutter it's hard to stay organized.  That's a toxic, stressful situation!  I know this is a big movement now, but for me the driving force was helping a friend get her home ready to put on the market.  WOW the stuff we don't even realize when we just live in our home "the way it is" every day.  Now I realize there are many of you that are very organized, but that is not me.  It's always a struggle.  But I've decided to really DO THIS!  So every day I've decided to pick a project....might be large, might be small, but something, to de-clutter.  I've done drawers, closets, cabinets....all in these first few days of the year.  I'm looking forward to a de-cluttered home....even if it takes me a year to get there....I've got this!

Well, ramble ramble....haha!  I'm going to share a project's been an entire MONTH plus since I've shared....partially the holidays, partially the holidays and working in retail, and partially just feeling poorly because I haven't been taking care of myself.  But this is another on my list of to-do this year....get creating even more!  I've got a lot of fun projects to blog about already, but first up is a project using a Just Imagine Kreaxions #916 punch and a super cute start to some Valentine's crafting:


To create the borders on the sides, I used the punch with the "A" guide.  Super simple, but a pretty scroll design that makes me think of frilly Valentines.

I've also made a set of circles using the Just Imagine Kreaxions Circle Cutter....this thing ROCKS....such an easy and portable circle cutter....easy to adjust and easy to use.  I've also punched one of the circles around to create a doily effect lining it up like this:

It creates a doily effect like this: 

The other two sides are fun also, but no this Fancy Pants Sweet Nothings collection!

And the finished top with the doily, and some fluffy, glittery tulle:

I suggest getting the Circle Cutter the templates, and a punch or two and play, play, PLAY!!  So many fun and creative ways to use these!  A lot of great video tutorials online to check out too!

Thanks for stoppin' by today!  You can find the scroll punch #916 HERE and the Circle Cutter HERE.

And a quick thanks to Fancy Pants for the rockin' new Sweet Nothings collection!  I'm having a blast creating with this one!