Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summer Reading....Just Look Up

One of my "guilty pleasures" of life has always been reading.  As a kid I used to immerse myself in the world of hobbits, or hidden wardrobes and I was able to escape, and forget about everything in the "real world" for just a little while.  If you can lose yourself in a book, you have truly been given a gift and a blessing!

I'm sharing something a little different on my blog today--as you might have figured out!  It's related to the crafting is release day for Courtney Walsh's new book "Just Look Up".  Why is this related?  Well, read on.....

Courtney has been a part of the craft industry from the early days of scrapbooking....first time I met her was at CHA years ago!  Her first series of books (aside from her original scrapbooking titles) had scrapbooking woven into the stories (if you haven't checked out the Sweethaven Series....they are such a fun can find them HERE).

So back to Courtney's new release.....Just Look Up is about a small town girl, Lane, that leaves behind the sometimes painful memories of small town life, to head to the "big city and big dreams".  This big city is right in my backyard!  But what really hits home with this story, is the reminder that the title reflects, to....."Just Look Up" take a minute and realize what life has to offer outside our comfort zone.  The book takes it one step further, into thinking about that world we've built for ourselves, and maybe when we really take a look, we realize just how UNcomfortable we really are.  Sounds deep?  Well, it's all wrapped up in romance and drama, with a backdrop of summer sunsets and taking time to relax.  PERFECT summer read.....right?!!

This book is truly quote worthy, but one of my favorites is Lane thinking: " wasn't what she did that made her important, special or worthy.  It was simply who she was."  This book spoke to some of my own struggles....but in a thought provoking,  positive way.  It left me wanting another book to continue the story of Lane, Brooks, and Harbor me that's the hallmark of a great story!

So if you are looking for a great summer read that has a little romance, a little self-discovery, and a little, yes, guilty is your day!!!  You can find Courtney's book in bookstores today as well as on Amazon (both print and kindle) right HERE.

Thanks for stopping by today....and remember to take some time for yourself today.....take some time to "Just Look Up"!