Thursday, November 18, 2010

Woven Treasure

More Cosmo Cricket Mitten Weather (CCMW) goodies! It's amazing all the things
you can do with ONE collection!! This WAS a peanut butter jar.....and after
it was good and washed out (NO easy task when it's peanut butter, mind you!)
I used strips of the CCMW to weave a cover around the jar. A few ribbons and
trim and it's done. Ready to fill with a muffin mix, or some cocoa mix, or my
personal fav.....M&Ms....YUM! I had planned on some chipboard or stickers on
it, but I just couldn't bear to cover up the pretty weaving pattern!
This is a close up of the lid (if anyone was leaves are
cut from one of the CCMW papers as well.

Remember to keep checking in......more CCMW ahead!


  1. The lid!!! That is my favorite saved showing us the best for last. Love it! Is this for someone special?

  2. Great recycling and my favorite is the weaving of the paper...