Friday, February 21, 2014

Time for Favorite Things Friday!

When you craft, scrap, make cards, work with mixed you listen to music?  If you do....share your fave with us over at Scrap It Girl!  This week's Favorite Things Friday post and linky can be found HERE.

I love creating to gets those creative juices flowing!  I love all different music, soundtracks (like  Hairspray or Pitch Perfect), Christian (a few faves....Stephen Curtis Chapman, Amy Grant, and Michael W Smith), current pop (Brittany, Pink, Gaga, just to name a few), but my go to I want peppy fun music that I can sing along with (yes, I am one of THOSE is 80's music:

Pat Benetar, Michael Jackson, Journey, Madonna, Duran Duran, Wham.....the list is an 80's girl, I love 'em all!

So how about you.....what's your favorite type of music when you create?

And speaking of creating.....make sure to stop by and say "hi" over at The Rubber Cafe' today!  I'm over there with all the details on how to make this card:

Thanks for stoppin' by today, and don't forget to visit Scrap It Girl....let us know....what's your favorite?!


  1. Great card! yep, i love listening to music...have such an eclectic taste in music, too. MJ rules in this house...Love 80's music, not the fashion, though. lol