Saturday, August 3, 2013

Theresa Collins Update....

WOW.....last nite's class was amazing!!!  If you ever, ever get a chance....take a class
with Theresa, you won't be disappointed!

This was the set of goodies waiting for us at our table:
And she even included a little surprise in every pack, in addition to AMPLE

Here was our project:

This was such a fun project--that's only the front!  So much going on,
and so many fun tips that she shared!  The little "mini book" on that front cover
that is tied up with a ribbon is 4 panels of one of her journal card sheets of paper,
you cut the strip, score along the sides, and then you have a sweet little accordian
mini book!  So many cute touches, goodies.....saved a lot of the bling to add with
wet glue at home....amazing!

And Theresa is certainly beautiful inside as well as out.....ok, this pic is hard to share,
not much comparison, but I'll share anyway:

I'm so looking forward to spending the entire day today hanging out at Theresa's classes!
Again....if you see one near you....sign up, you won't be disappointed!!!

Thanks Theresa for an awesome class....looking forward to today!

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